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Summer Interns 2019 - Fitzco - Atlanta

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So you want to be an intern. Great! We love interns. To make that happen you’ll need to apply here. There’s some standard application stuff we have to get from you – Name, address – you know the drill. Then there’s some nonstandard stuff – a few questions to help us get to know you a little better than a perfectly polished resume. So dig in and show us your best. We can’t wait to meet you.

Fitzco Summer Internship (June 3 - August 9)

You can choose to EITHER tell us a story, make us something or teach us something, and then answer ONE option in the category.

You’re applying to be our peer, so talk to us like a real person. That means it’s ok to put away your business voice and your form letters (please, we beg you). This is your chance to get past a resume and really show us who you are and how you think. Have fun.

Tell us a story

Use 250 words, (we’ll save you the Google, it’s one double-spaced page), or less to answer ONE of the following prompts:

  1. Find a random item posted on Craigslist - tell us its back story.
  2. Give us a “top ten” list.
  3. Tell us about a time you changed your mind.

Make us something

Using your Creative Suite tool of choice or your own drawing skills, create ONE of the following:

  1. Pick your three favorite animals and merge them into your spirit animal. Name it, too.
  2. Make a :15 second trailer for your summer at Fitzco.
  3. Make a new identity suite for a business that has terrible branding (logo, letterhead, business card, and swag if you’re feeling it).

You may use any image or footage you find on the internet.

Teach us something

Use 250 words, (we’ll save you the google, it’s one double-spaced page), or less to answer ONE of the following prompts:

  1. You’ve got $500 and two weeks to let Tom Hanks know that he’s the greatest actor of his generation. How do you deliver the message so that we know he heard you?
  2. Tell us about the most influential person on the internet who we’ve never heard of.
  3. Teach us how to make your favorite meal.

So that’s it. Click the upload resume button to get started, and upload your answer to the prompts above on Step 6.

Talk soon!

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

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