The Bank of Here

The Bank of Here

Synovus is one of the nation's largest regional banks, with deep local ties in the Southeast. Since the late 1800's they've helped build the communities they serve. In research, and in just plain talking to them, it was clear they truly know their customers in a way other banks don't – as friends and neighbors. So we helped them launch their first brand campaign, "The Bank of Here," celebrating the idea of staying in one place and making it great. The campaign features TV, print – including business journals and the Wall Street Journal – and hyper-local digital only people in the town could possibly understand.

The campaign has won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze Midas Awards, the creative award show celebrating the best work in the Financial Industry.

Brand Print
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"We're Reading This Too" Print
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Synovus is the bank of here. To prove it, we created ads that show real Synovus bankers reading the same local business journal you’re reading. The copy talks about things only locals would know in seven different Synovus markets.

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