The Pre-Roll of Here

The Bank of Here goes hyper-local with town specific pre-roll

All banks like to say they’re local. Synovus is out to prove it, by creating specific pre-roll ads filmed in each of the towns they serve.

Shot over the course of a month, each of the 8 spots feature real people and businesses from the towns, including Nashville, Atlanta, Athens, The Tampa Bay Area, Pensacola and Columbia.

The campaign promotes an offer where Synovus gives you $200 when you open a checking account, because they know you’ll spend it locally. They feature real places you might invest your money, from small businesses to local charities. (As an added bonus, Synovus is giving people $300 if they choose to donate it to charity.)

“Often banks give lip service to being local by showing generic places that could be anywhere, or touristy places everyone knows,” said Noel Cottrell, Chief Creative Officer at Fitzgerald & CO, Synovus Bank’s ad agency. “We wanted to show actual people doing things they actually do in the town they live in.”

The Pre-Roll of Here launched September 9, 2015 on ABC News, Forbes, Fox News, Weather Channel and other sites.

Synovus launched its “Bank of Here” campaign in 2014, based on the bank’s deep community ties. From helping businesses in the late 1800s, to financing modern corporate expansions, to simply cheering for the local football team every Friday night, Synovus has always been a part of the communities they serve.