It's A Mouthful

It's A Mouthful

Odwalla is a pioneer in the juice and smoothie category. But they hadn't been advertising much in recent years. So they came to Fitzco//McCann, our bespoke Coca-Cola team, with the simple ask, 'Rebrand us completely.'

While researching the product with our tongues, we discovered one simple truth—Odwalla is truly a mouthful. Just say it out loud. OH-DWA-LUH. Not only is it a baffling booby trap of syllables; it's a hearty, piehole-satisfying snack. A sustaining tongue twister of fruity, vegetably, protein, smoothie goodness.

So we created an entire integrated campaign for the brand—featuring long tongue twisters in a series of verbose video, babbling billboards, perplexing print, over-the-top out-of-home, scrumptious social, delightful digital, loquacious live reads, rambling radio and much more. Because Odwalla? It's a mouthful.

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