The Fantanas Are Back

Fanta relaunches and reimagines the iconic Fantanas

It’s been close to 15 years since Fanta first launched the "Fantanas." And since then, the four dancing girls, along with their catchy "Wanta Fanta" song, have become synonymous with the brand.

But times have changed since the Fantanas were first introduced. So we reimagined the Fantanas, and gave them a new look along with a new sound.

Instead of super models in skimpy outfits, our new Fantanas were talented singers, dancers, and social influencers. Coco Jones, Eva Gutowski, Lauren Riihimaki, and Jordan Fisher stepped into the roles with Jordan becoming the first ever male Fantana.

The TV spot, which embraced some of the campiness of the original campaign, was choreographed by Fatima Robinson. Fatima was the choreographer behind Kendrick Lamar’s show stopping 2016 Grammy performance, Michael Jackson’s "Remember The Time" video, and more. The iconic "Wanta Fanta" jingle was remixed by Mike WiLL Made-It who produced hits like "Formation" by Beyoncé, "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar, and "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd to name a few.

The new "Be More Than One Flavor" campaign became the rallying cry for Fanta, celebrating our target’s multi-faceted and fluid personality.