Coca-Cola Life

What is this Green Coke?

What's the deal with that green Coke bottle?

Many people have seen the Coca-Cola bottle with a green label in stores but do they really know what it is? The answer is, "kind of." To drive awareness about Coke Life we shied away from more traditional media and opted for a content approach. We partnered with College Humor to create a piece that highlights the fact that people don’t know much of anything about Coke Life.

We dressed a comedian as a stock boy and threw him into a grocery store next to a display of Coke Life. Hidden cameras and microphones captured our comedian asking the burning question, "What's the deal with the Green Coke bottle?"

This work was created by Fitzco//McCann, our highly-energetic, stand-alone unit devoted to Coca-Cola North America, which combines Fitzgerald & Co's strategic smarts, creative fire-power and face-to-face brand management on the ground in Atlanta with the global reach and depth of experience of McCann Worldgroup. And is networked with hundreds of passionate people working on Coca-Cola across 56 countries.

Coca-Cola is one of McCann's largest global clients, and in just a few years, Fitzco//McCann has grown to be one of their key creative agency partners in the U.S.