Checkers & Rally's

The Wiener War

How to start (and win) a #WienerWar

Checkers & Rally's have been serving hand-grilled hot dogs for 30 years. Then suddenly, Burger King announced a multi-million dollar launch of hot dogs, featuring celebs like Snoop Dogg.

How could we steal their hot dog thunder and make sure every conversation about BK hot dogs was also a conversation about ours?

We challenged Burger King to a Wiener War.

We started with a bold tweet and a full-page ad in USA Today, calling out the burger giant. Social listening led to some seriously entertaining back-and-forth, which then led to national press and TV coverage of Checkers & Rally's hot dogs.

USA Today Ad (click to see full ad)
USA Today Full Page Ad

Sales of Checkers & Rally's hot dogs doubled. Social media mentions increased 78%, with 77% positive net sentiment, compared to just 43% for BK. All at a cost of $140k, vs. millions.

You can check out our favorite #wienerwar news headlines here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The campaign also won an Effie Award for campaign effectiveness in the David vs. Goliath category.