Checkers & Rally's

Fast Foodies get an eyeful of art

High art meets fast food in a gallery of art made exclusively for Fast Foodies

No matter how much you love Checkers & Rally’s it’s kinda hard to hang a burger or milkshake on your wall. So we turned Checkers & Rally’s most iconic menu items into highly collectable pieces of art. Artists including NYC based pop-artist Jon Burgerman and acclaimed street artist Dr. Dax created artwork inspired by their love for fast food culture—and that art became part of the Cravings Collection.

CraveCon Booth, Galveston, TX

But before our die-hard Fast Foodies could proudly display their love for Baconzilla or the Big Buford over their mantle they had to win it.

The Event:
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Social influencers attending CraveCon were welcomed with our Cravings Collection gallery where they competed against each other in the world’s first Instagram Art Auction to see who would take each piece of art home. The posts with the most likes, won art. And for all the Fast Foodies who couldn’t make it to CraveCon this year we created a virtual gallery they could visit for a chance to win art too—cleverly named

Posts | Website:
instagram & Website instagram & Website

By the end of our auction, we gave away 12 pieces of art, and made millions of eyeballs hungry for more.

The Art:
killamari frank killamari frank
jon and dr dax jon and dr dax
beardy and matt albert beardy and matt albert
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The Artists: