Celebrating National Lasagne Day

Lasagne is delicious. Even virtually.

The best day of the year? Everyone knows it's July 29th – National Lasagne Day. It's a day we and our client Carrabba's Italian Grill take very seriously. (So seriously we spell Lasagne with an "e," the Italian way.) And to celebrate, we created the world's first edible virtual Lasagne.

Lasagne GIF lets people eat our virtual Lasagne using their webcams and their mouths. Start chomping, and your virtual Lasagne disappears bite by meaty cheesy layer-y bite to reveal a special Lasagne Day message – and earn a free Lasagne offer.

The best part is that the webcams capture fans gobbling down their Lasagne and turn the footage into GIFs to share socially.

But this wasn't our first National Lasagne Day celebration. In 2015, we created the world's longest piece of virtual Lasagne, made up of over 2,400 layers of Lasagne. The deeper you scroll, the better the discounts you unlock. Not to mention funny copy to keep you digging.